Andy Wauman's works speaks about the possibility of freedom. They are messages with a romantic sense for anarchy and love. In his statements, he often uses images that have been violated, multiplied and copied by commercial media. He recuperates common metaphors and symbols and gives them back their original romantic touch or even ideological meaning. The poetic quality is striking. Within an upcoming movement of new young artists using the language of the social context they grew up in, with the so-called popular culture and media as basic ingredients. Andy Wauman’s feeling for materials and authentic meaning is a marker.

Word by Dries Verstraete. 

In a personal statement, Wauman comments on the nature of his artistic personality: 

“Generally my work has it’s origins in my conviction that a truly living culture can only arise from social structures and that the only theory a contemporary artist can feed on is necessarily a social one. I do not recycle existing forms, I try to make new ones based on my own background. Which is what distinguishes an artist from a marketeer. I try to inject the spontaneous energy from the street into my artistic practice, and I create my own contribution to the ‘revolution of everyday life’ in the shape of texts and objects. Therefore, a recurrent element in my work is my protesting against cynicism and a preference for the sensuality and romantic value of the materials of the street, the ones the vagabond knows better than the bourgeois. But rather than a political activist, I like to call myself a poetical terrorist. “

I recently started a Record Label. I decided the call my Record Label ’Gebo Recordings’,  as I see the Label as a 'Mystical Union' and/or ‘Sacred Marriage’ with other Artists. 

Here’s the concept / meaning of the Rune GEBO:  “For every gift a curse.”

Gebo – “Gay-boo” – Literally: “Gift” – Esoteric: Fair Exchange, Sacrifice, Sacred Marriage

Key Concepts: gifts, giving, taking, trade, sacrifice, process of exchange, balance, compensation, equilibrium, law of reciprocation, altruism, the gravity of equals and opposites, generosity, hospitality, honour, gratitude, forgiveness, appreciation

Energy: Exchanged powers, sacrifice, dissolution of barriers through gifting

Divinations: Generosity, gift, magical exchange, honour, sacrifice, divine vision; or influence buying, greed, loneliness, dependence, over-sacrifice, unbalanced behaviour, dishonesty

Mundane: material gifts, thankfulness, trade

Governs: Sex magic. Mystical union and ‘Sacred Marriage’ between partners. Understanding of the true meaning of gifting and binding. Giving of oneself from within. Harmony between brothers and sisters and lovers. Favours, contracts, obligations, debt and oath-taking

Gebo is also tied deeply to the exchange of sexual energies between male and female, and so it deeply governs mystical union, sacred oaths of marriage and sex magic. 

The Gebo symbol is also linked to the heart chakra within viking culture. 

Each album is a limited edition release on vinyl. Each Album will be a work of Art and the idea is to launch an Album during exhibitions/teachings, in the form of a Performance and or Sculptural Sound Installation/Cabinet.