Exhibitions / Projects

UPCOMING ( selection ) 

'Second Run Romance' - solo exhibition at deweer gallery, otegem, belgium

'Sak Yant' - black and white super 8 film, performance shot in kuala lumpur, malaysia & bangkok, thailand

'Lime Tree Meditations' — book sculpture, bamboo and lontar palm

‘The Long Take’ — sculptural installation at the malaysian film festival, kuala lumpur, malaysia

'Buy, Buy & Hello - 40 Years Deweer Gallery' — group exhibition at deweer gallery, otegem, belgium

PAST ( selection ) 

‘Before The Light’ — sculptural integration for Jan Fabre Troubleyn/Laboratorium, antwerp, belgium

'Celebrations - Part 1 Let There Be Light ' — group exhibition at gallery sofie van de velde, antwerp, belgium

'The Sensation of the Sea' — group exhibition at de mesdag collectie, the hague, the netherlands

'The Defence of Poetry' — group exhibition at urban cultural center, kuala lumpur, malaysia

'Belgium Calling - Part I' - group exhibition at deweer gallery, otegem, belgium

'Club Conscious' — group exhibition at observatorium, antwerp, belgium

'Dana Targets'  — solo exhibition at the royal tulip, bedugul, bali, indonesia 

'Philippe Van Cauteren "Letters to Artists"' — book launch at smak, museum of contemporary art, gent, belgium

'The Artist Mind: Eight Artists Photograph Themselves' — group exhibition at carolina o'breen galerie, amsterdam, the netherlands

'Soul Killers Don't Quit I' — duo exhibition with james ly at munit init art social, kuala lumpur, malaysia

'My Crest Jewels of Wisdom II' — solo exhibition at the belgian embassy, kuala lumpur, malaysia

'Museum to Scale 1/7' — group exhibition, ghisla art collection, locarno, italy 

'Without Action There Is Nothing' — group exhibition at london experimental film festival, container gallery, london, uk

‘TAG 2016’ — group exhibition at the art of giving foundation, antwerp, belgium

'Brussels Gallery Weekend' — group exhibition at brussels gallery weekend, brussels, belgium

'The Palmtree Diaries I' — film screening and artist talk at the practice, canggu, ubud, bali, indonesia

'Call for The Castle' — group exhibition, castle of gaasbeeck, brussels, belgium

'The Raft' — group exhibition, mu.zee, ostende, belgium

'The Sound of Silent Film Festival' — screening at chicago's historic music box theater, chicago, us

'My Crest Jewels of Wisdom I' — solo booth w/ belgian embassy at art expo malaysia, kuala lumpur, malaysia

'A Show, Inside Out' (Outdoor Sculptures) — group exhibition, deweer gallery, otegem, belgium

'INSIDE The Billboard Project 2007-2017' — group exhibition, royal academy of fine arts, antwerp, belgium

'Harvest Winter' — group exhibition, museum dhondt-dhaenens, deurle, belgium

'Collector's Room #14: black/white' — group exhibition, deweer gallery, otegem, belgium

'The Rite of the Black Sun' — solo exhibition at deus temple of enthusiasm, bali, indonesia

‘Dead Line Where Dreams Expires’ — solo exhibition at Art Statements Gallery, Hong Kong

'Affects' — group exhibition, museum of contemporary art, helmond, the netherlands

'Tropicalization II' — solo exhibition at deweer gallery, otegem, belgium

'Tasted In The Mouth Of Rain' — solo exhibition at the national museum of glass, leerdam, the netherlands

'Miniature Museum II' — group exhibition at the baker museum, florida, usa 

‘Osmosis’ — group exhibition at tasku gallery, bali, indonesia

‘Billboard Project’ — group exhibition, billboard project, city of antwerp, belgium

'What Do You Permit To Remain?' — solo exhibition at art statements gallery, hong kong 

'ERROR #21 EVENT Shame! (Hide & Show)' — group exhibition at the piano factory, st gillis, brussles, belgium 

'December's Letter' — group exhibition at orgy park, brooklyn, new york, usa 

'Up Every Evening' — group exhibition, season, seattle, usa

'Terrror's Witness' — performance with toxic shock at SECONDroom, antwerp, belgium 

'Berlin Wall Project' — outdoor group exhibition, berlin, germany

'A Single Match Below A Fire' — solo exhibition, deus ex machina headquarters, bali, canggu, indonesia 

'Open Studios' — group exhibition, international studio & curatorial program, Brooklyn, New York

'Transition' — group exhibition, art statemenst gallery, hong kong

'Support All Sorrow' — duo exhibition at g262 sofie van de velde, antwerp, belgium 

'Contemporary Art & Tattoo' — group exhibition at maison folie de wazemmes, lille, la france

'Palermo Papiere' — book exhibition at palermo galerie, stuttgart, germany

'No Is More' — solo exhibition at wonderloch-kellerland, berlin & los angeles 

'Urbi & Orbi' — biennale de la photographie et de la ville, sedan, la france

'APES presents' — group exhibition at galerie volker diehl, berlin, germany 

'Bunk Or Run' — solo exhibition with bourouina gallery at ABC art berlin contemporary, germany 

'Re-Opening' — group exhibition at deweer gallery, otegem, belgium

'Down On Mainstream' — group exhibition at garage, center for contemporary art, mechelen, belgium

'Art Taipei 2012' — group exhibition with art statements gallery, tapei, taiwan

'Love + Guts' — group exhibition at manky chops, wellington, new zealand 

'Arsenale 2012. The first Kyiv International Biennale of Contemporary Art. Who’s afraid of black, yellow, red, blue and yellow' — group exhibition at museum of ideas, lvil, ukraine

'The Golden Bullet That Takes A Million Years To Hit' — solo exhibition at deweer gallery, otegem, belgium

'Ethical Toe Rusks' — group exhibition at gallery 8, dublin city gallery, the hugh lane, dublin, ireland

'Panorama. New works by artist from the Gallery' — group exhibition at bourouina gallery, berlin, germany

'Carte Blanche' — group exhibition at galerie analix forever, geneva, swiss

'Jasmine & Sewers' — solo exhibition at second room space for contemporary art antwerp belgium 

'I’ll be Blown' — group exhibition at the national museum of glass, leerdam, the netherlands

'Mind The Bollocks' — group exhibition at expodium, center for contemporary art, utrecht, the netherlands

'25th Graphic Biennal' — group exhibition at STeM, the municipal museum of contemporary art, st-niklaas, belgium

'Activism and Politics reflected within Contemporary Artistry' — group exhibition at artis den bosch, ‘s-hertogenbosch, the netherlands

'Anonymously Yours' — group exhibition at observatoire maison grégoire, brussels, belgium

'The Hands of Art' — group exhibition at drawing center, new york , U.S.A. 

'The Quota Copies' — solo exhibition at bourouina gallery, berlin, germany

'Miniature Museum I' — group exhibition at the royal museums of fine arts, brussels, belgium 

'The Core Marrow of Art' — group exhibition at art statements gallery, main gallery, hong kong

'Splav Meduze' — group exhibition at center for contemporary art celje - likovni salon, celje, slovenie

'Quantum Vîs 5' — group exhibition at the service garage, center for contemporary art, amsterdam, the netherlands

'Run Dry' — solo exhibition at tokyo art fair, japan

'Post Everybody' — solo exhibition at deweer gallery, otegem, belgium

'Empathy Leak' — solo exhibition at self service art space, stuttgart, germany

'Marcel Broodthaers' — group exhibition at logement, antwerp, belgium 

'Laugh Track' — group exhibition at brussels biennale I off programm, brussels, belgium

'Calligraphs & Body Traps' — solo exhibition at art statements gallery, tokyo, japan

'POPEYE The Art of Music / The Music of Art' — group exhibition at the old prison, hasselt, belgium

'Error #10' group exhibition at extra city – center for contemporary art, antwerp, belgium

'Director’s Cut' — group exhibition at zuiderzeemuseum, enkhuizen, the netherlands

'Black Marks / The Mask That Fails To Touch The Face' — solo exhibition at rijksakademie for visual arts, amsterdam, the netherlands

'The Same For A While' — solo exhibition at art statements gallery, central branch, hong kong

'Doing it My Way. Perspectives on Belgian Art' — group show at museum kueppersmuehle, centre for modern and contemporary art, duisburg, germany

'Sway' — group exhibition at gallery analix forever, geneva, swiss

'Wet Feet Bet' — solo exhibition at deweer gallery, otegem, belgium 

'To Be Political It Has To Look Nice' — group exhibition at annette de keyser gallery, antwerp, belgium 

'Black, White, Gold, Yellow and Blue' — group exhibition at gallery klerkx, milano, italy 

'The Moss Gathering Tumbleweed Experience' — group exhibition at NICC, antwerp, belgium

'There Should Be No Law For Anybody' — solo exhibition at window gallery - walter van beirendonck, antwerp, belgium 

'Floods' — group exhibition at saint agostino church in cooperation with GAMeC ( gallery of modern and contemporary art ) at bergamo, italy 

'First Sudden Gone the One. First Sudden Back' — group exhibition at project 133, peckham rye, londen, united kingdom

'Don’t Sell The Middle Brow Short' — solo exhibition at 51 gallery, antwerp, belgium

'98% Belgian' — group exhibition at 51 gallery, antwerp, belgium

'932m³' — group exhibition at gun shooting gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

'Cat & Dogs' — solo exhibition at studio eric lenoir, charleville-mezières, france